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About Gravity Pull

Gravity Pull is a Calgary based team of creative event producers with decades of experience. Our team has experience in producing B2B, B2C, charitable, experiential, digital, live, and hybrid events.  

Times have changed drastically, and we recognize how difficult and sometimes complicated it may be to move your existing event to the virtual world or execute a brand–new concept to accomplish your company’s objectives and bring ROI.  

At Gravity Pull we look at your unique needs through a strategic lens to choose the right path to meeting your company’s objectives. We do not believe in a one-fits-all approach, we tailor the components and tools to ensure your event is best in class.   

We are not afraid to dream big with you and execute your vision with the highest attention to detail.  Let’s move on this journey together, because your long–term success is our success. 

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Our Services


For all your event production needs, look no further! Passionate about rising to every challenge, we’ve flawlessly executed a myriad of events – from high-powered conferences and bustling trade shows to corporate gatherings, fundraising soirees, and immersive experiential events. Whether you’re planning a cozy intimate meeting or a grand company retreat, we’ve got you covered.

Boasting both experience and an innovative edge, we are equipped to help you design and roll out exceptional events not just in Canada, but around the globe. Planning an “évènement” in France, a “conferencia” in Spain, an “Ein Firmentreffen” in Germany, or an event in Poland? “Nie ma problemu!” Trust us to make your vision come alive.


We love technology! And we know how to assemble a great toolbox that guarantees great audience engagement, ROI, and superb overall experience.  

Whether it is a product launch, AGM, tradeshow, conference or anything in–between, we will ensure your event audience is captivated by the experience.  


Whether you are looking to generate new business leads, increase organizational awareness, educate, or purely network and have fun, we have the right tools to engage audience and measure success.  

We believe that strong analytics are the backbone of any lasting change and increased success. We will work with you ahead of the event to understand what type of data are critical for your organization and provide you with a complete reporting package post-event.  


Working with us is not just efficient, but also pretty enjoyable. We pride ourselves on being your all-in-one solution for event needs.

Looking for a standout event website? We’re on it. Need help with ticketing? Leave it to us. And if you’re aiming to boost your event attendees, whether it’s in-person or virtual, we’ve got the expertise. Consider us an extension of your team, always ready to pitch in. We genuinely value every project we take on. Sound good?


If you are interested in working with us through your event roadmap or looking for a strategic long-term plan to help achieve your goals, but do not need a team of producers on the day of the event, we are here to strategize with you to ensure you have the key elements to a successful event.  

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Contact Us

Contact us by filling out the form below or reaching out by email.

Email: [email protected]

Address: 1420 246 Stewart Green SW T3H 3C8



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